• Thomas Jones

What I Love About America (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I love that America had record high 155 million+ voters cast ballots in the 2020 Presidential election. This civic participation encourages optimism regarding our future. America is blessed that the vast majority of its citizens prefer to resolve political differences at the ballot box, rather than confrontation in the streets.

I love that our governing institutions are showing strength and resiliency in this contentious 2020 Presidential election. State and local election oversight bodies are working hard to demonstrate transparency and fairness in voting rules, procedures, and counting. State courts are demonstrating transparency and fairness in judgments applying state electoral laws to election litigation disputes. The U.S. Supreme Court is showing appropriate deference to lower-level state and federal court decisions on the interpretation and application of state election laws. It is good for our country to demonstrate the fairness of our elections.

I love that President Trump's campaign stepped-up efforts to appeal to black and Latino voters, with some success. Data indicates that Trump secured the largest nonwhite voting share for any Republican in sixty years. It is good for our country when both major political parties compete for black and brown voters.

I love that the political preferences of a divided electorate are reflected in a divided government, with Democrats holding the presidency and House of Representatives while Republicans will probably hold the Senate. This division of power means that successful legislative initiatives will have to appeal to the political center. Divisive ideas such as packing the Supreme Court, or eliminating the Senate filibuster, are off the table. It is good for our country to "tone down" the political rhetoric.

I love that President-elect Biden is a man of faith and good moral character, inclined to see the best in others and to listen respectfully to those with whom he disagrees. Biden understands how to govern effectively in circumstances of divided government. It is good for our country to have a "healer" as President.

I love that more American companies are increasing efforts to address racial inequities. Google formed a partnership with Howard University College of Engineering to improve training and recruitment for minority engineers. Netflix announced a partnership with Norfolk State University ("Netflix Virtual HBCU Bootcamp") to provide scholarships, training, and mentorship opportunities for black engineering students. Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) announced that ten major American companies have signed-up for the launch of "MLT Black Equity at Work Certification" focused on rigorous plans with measurable goals to achieve black progress in the workplace, corporate purchasing, and corporate philanthrophy (www.MLTBlackEquityatWork.org) It is good for our country that more corporate CEOs are voluntarily taking on the hard work of improving economic opportunities in the black community.

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